Guides & 17 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Guides & 17 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The perfume industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry. A large part of this industry comprises the design and manufacture of perfume packaging.

There are many different types of perfume packaging, from simple glass bottles to elaborate and decorated boxes. The best Perfume Packaging Design considers the desires of both the customer and the manufacturer.

The perfume packaging design aims to make the product more attractive to potential buyers and protect the fragrance from damage. The right design can make a big difference in the success of a perfume. There are many factors to consider when designing perfume packaging. This article will explore some of the best perfume packaging designs and the challenges and opportunities.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Major Values of a Perfume Brand

Perfume packaging is a visual manifestation of your brand and can be a great asset to help you stand out from your competitors. Perfumes are all about fragrances but have additional features that help define their brands. These include:

The scent: Perfumes are made up of essential oils and other ingredients which give them their smell. The scent of your perfume is likely to be different from that of another brand because each fragrance foundation has its unique composition and character. Each fragrance has its style and tone. This means that you need to develop a distinct scent for your perfume so that people will immediately recognize it as yours.

The bottle design: You can distinguish yourself from other luxury brands through your bottle or bottle label design. Your bottle should be distinctive enough to entice customers into buying it but not so distinctive that it becomes too distracting for others around them.

The primary packaging should have a strong logo or symbol that can help consumers identify it easily by sight. In addition, it needs to be easy to open and close so that consumers do not have to struggle with their products while they use them.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

What Are the Bottle Packaging Options for Perfume?

There are many different categories for perfume packaging design, and choosing the best one for your brand is important. Here are some of the most popular bottle and box packaging alternatives:

Glass Bottles:

Glass bottles are a popular choice for perfume packaging because of their clean aesthetic and ability to keep their shape over time. The downside is that glass can break if dropped or hit hard enough, so make sure you choose a sturdy bottle with a tight-fitting lid.


Plastic bottles:

Plastic bottles can be made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They are generally cheaper than glass containers, but their quality depends greatly on the material used for their manufacture. Although plastic containers do not break easily if dropped on hard surfaces, they can still get damaged if they fall on soft surfaces such as carpet or furniture due to their flexible nature; this could happen if you put your perfume bottle down on a table while you're eating dinner!


Cylindrical bottles:

Cylindrical bottles are similar to capsules in that they're small containers, but they're often more flexible than capsules since they don't always have to be filled full.


Corked bottles:

Corked bottles give your scent a more earthy and authentic feel by letting it breathe while keeping it sealed inside the bottle. It allows the aroma of your perfume to stay fresher, making it more appealing to customers who may be hesitant about spending $100 on something they don't know much about.



Capsules are another popular alternative to traditional bottles, but they can be tricky to work with due to the small size of the container. Please make sure you have plenty of space around your capsules to ensure they'll fit into your packaging. It would help if you also considered printing a label on every capsule, so customers know what's inside each one.


Metal boxes:

Metal boxes can be more expensive than plastic, but they're more durable and can hold up to the rigors of shipping. They're also less likely to get damaged during transit. If you're in the market for box packaging, you also have a variety of options. These boxes are often made of cardboard and are great for gifting.



Cans are a great way to package your product without spending too much money on a fancy box design. They're easy to load onto a truck and can easily be stacked for storage or shipment.

Above are the standard perfume bottles most commonly seen with fragrances and eau de toilette. Alternatively, you may consider a roll-on bottle, which is very popular with Eau de parfum. You may also consider tube packaging, which comes in various sizes and materials. A spray bottle is another option, but these are typically reserved for eau de toilette.

Guides & 17 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design


Advantages of Perfume Bottle That Made of Glass

The glass perfume bottle is a type of perfume packaging used for centuries. It is made of glass, also known as a transparent material, with no color or taste. The odor of perfume can be absorbed into the glass perfume bottle's surface, making it easy to use.

  • As it is transparent, you will not see any color difference between your product and its packaging when you see it on the shelf or in a store window.

  • It does not rust easily, so it is suitable for long-term use without damaging your product.

  • It is cheap and easy to manufacture, so it has a low cost per unit volume compared with other packaging materials.

  • Glass perfume bottles can be reused for future projects.

  • Glass perfume bottles are not only more hygienic but also more elegant than plastic ones. They have a modern look, making them suitable for men and women.

  • One of the main advantages of glass bottles is that they do not contain harmful substances like phthalates found in plastic bottles. Phthalates have been linked to congenital disabilities and cancer.

  • Glass perfume bottles also help preserve the fragrance for longer periods due to their light weight. Glass bottles can hold up to 250ml of liquid, making them ideal for smaller fragrances where you want to be able to use them over a long period without having to worry about losing your scent or having it go not good on you.

 ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design


What Are the Typical Fragrance Bottle Sizes?

Fragrance bottle sizes can vary considerably, from small vials that hold only a few milliliters of scent to large bottles that hold several hundred milliliters. The size of the bottle you choose will depend on several factors, including the amount of fragrance you want to purchase, your budget, and the size of your vanity or perfume collection.

There are many different types of perfume packaging. They come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. The most common types of perfume packaging include:

  • One fl oz (30ml)

Bottles of this size are commonly referred to as "mini bottles" or "travel bottles." They are perfect for traveling because they are small enough to fit in a purse or backpack but still have enough room for some products. These bottles can be used for both men and women, but many people prefer a more feminine scent than one that is masculine.

  • 1.4 oz (40ml)

This site is also known as a "travel spray" and is commonly used by men who like fresh scents such as citrus or floral notes. It also works well when you need a little perfume on your clothing or underneath it, so it doesn't smell too strong when it hits the air.

  • 1.7 oz (50ml)

The most common bottle format for perfume.

  • Two fl oz (60ml)

A more popular size for men and women, this bottle is often referred to as a "travel" bottle.

  • 3.4 fl oz (100ml)

The most common size of perfume packaging is the 3.4 fl oz – 100 ml bottle. These bottles also work well for men's fragrances, larger than women's scents.

  • 4.2 fl oz (125ml)

The perfume bottle is designed for the packaging of perfumes and other scented products in the form of a cylindrical bottle style with a screw cap. The bottle has an elegant shape, which is more suitable for presenting cosmetics, toiletries, shampoos, and other fragrant substances.


What Is the Cost to Launch a Perfume Brand? What Is the Budget’s Intended Use?

The cost of launching a perfume company will vary depending on the size of the brand and the number of available scents. Some companies even offer sample sizes of their product so potential customers can try them out before committing to a full-size bottle. A small brand may only cost a few thousand dollars to start, while a larger company could cost upwards of $200,000.

Branding and marketing costs will be the first major expense, followed by a purchase, bottling, and packaging costs. Once everything has been purchased, you'll want to budget for shipping. It will be particularly important if you're selling internationally.

Finally, you'll want to set a marketing plan that allows you to grow your business. It can include hiring a PR firm, purchasing social media ads, or attending trade shows.

 ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

How to Find the Right Perfume Manufacturer?

If you're ready to create your perfume, you'll first want to locate a fragrance manufacturer. There are many to choose from, and each will have different advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a manufacturer, you'll want to keep some important factors in mind, including their experience, turnaround time, shipping price, and packaging options.

Once you've selected a few manufacturers, it's time to visit their websites and review the information that they have provided. This will give you a better idea of the company culture, which is important as you'll be working with them for a long time.

Finally, you'll want to send a fragrance sample request so that you can see their work firsthand. It's at this point that you'll want to start getting creative. You can use the samples to create a variety of different scents. Once you've finalized your perfect perfume, you can use it to create the branding for your business.


17 of Our Favorite Perfume Packaging Designs

Packaging design for perfume bottles is a highly creative process. And now that you understand the ins and outs of perfume packaging, it's time to take inspiration from some real product examples.

Explore this section to understand how label design, graphic elements, and color schemes create a stunning packaging design for luxury products like perfume and fragrances.


1. Kahf

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The Jakarta-based artist Nugi Natanael evokes a sense of mystery and drama in the packaging design of Kahf. This artist has a knack for creating simple, clean product designs that instantly capture the consumer's attention. A solid, rich color palette and bold typography in white create a stunning product design. 

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

This product is an excellent example of creating drama and a sense of luxury with rich and dark hues. Even stunning is the fact that the design aesthetic of the product is in-sync with the fragrance's title.


2. Roughneck

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Roughneck Perfumery is about creating a refreshing experience for its consumers, and artist Nugi Natanael stays true to the brand's soul with his clean design philosophy. The Indonesian artist Nugi Natanael goes classic on this perfume packaging design. This vintage cologne-style design evokes nostalgia with its no-frills approach. 

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The fragrance text is bold and with most minimal details, which makes the packaging design even more striking. On Scafati fragrance, the artist has leveled up the typography with hidden graphic elements such as, the yin-yang symbol. Moreover, the striking blue and black text against the transparent glass bottles allow the product formulation to shine through.


3. Pure Sense

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The packaging design from Pure Sense is the perfect example of a concept that engulfs all your senses. Designed by a Russia-based creative agency, F61, the perfume packaging for Pure Sense ticks all the boxes of a highly conceptual and minimalist aesthetic.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

This design agency has a flair for playing with monochromatic themes, and striking and bold textual details. The level of design concept is reflected in the graphic elements of this product's packaging.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The braille detail on the packaging nods to blind perfumers' efforts to create the three fragrances. Sleek, modern, and minimalist — the packaging design on Pure Sense is a captivating sensory experience.


4. Trece Cielos

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The Spanish creative designer Elisava Pack creates diverse packaging designs, from rich and conceptual to modern and whimsical. This designer knows how to do it all.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Her modern and sleek aesthetic is highlighted in Trece Cielos fragrance line packaging. Since the product draws on mythical lore and has a stunning bottle design, the simplicity of the primary packaging perfectly compliments its vibe.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The silver embossed typography on the front looks exceptionally classy. The four fragrance variants signify the essence of the heavenly cosmos via simple symbology. Each packaging features a specific fragrance symbol. The packaging's interior also features the fragrance's origins and mythical inspiration. That's not all; the sleek fragrance box features the product visual at the back.


5. MĀ

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

A soothing color scheme, organic, sustainable material, striking font, and a hint of wooden texture in the design process make a winning packaging design for the brand MĀ. For their aromatic essential oil blends, the Barcelona-based design agency Form & Co developed a product design that evokes a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The designers stayed true to the product's tranquil vibe, from packaging to art and printable materials. The combination of jade green frosted glass with a wood cap and striking white typography captures your attention.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

With oil blends serving various aims and benefits, the packaging design with bold and big font in the center delivers the product's messaging. The classic cardboard box packaging enhances natural and organic aesthetic, fit for a contemporary brand.


6. Nostalgie

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The Illinois-based illustrator and designer Lizzie Campbell has aces up her sleeves to create stunning instagrammable, boutique-style aesthetics. For the Nostalgie Parfumerie collection, the designer takes the classic approach of "less is more."

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

This perfume bottle packaging is all about the message-driven design label. The old-school black typography on the cream-white backdrop is simple yet attention-grabbing.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The clear messaging of the design label promises the consumer a flashback to the nostalgic time from childhood innocence to wide-eyed youth. With the years 1997, 2008 & 2012 written in big bold, the label contains information about the top notes and a specific memory in your life. This packaging is a clear example of how you don't always have to rely on visual and graphic cues.


7. Fradore

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Suppose you ever needed a visual representation of a short and sweet packaging into play. In that case, there's no better design reference than Fradore. The mini, metal-body perfumes are great for on-the-go comfort. This required a unique packaging solution, fulfilled by Seoul's conceptually-driven design agency, Long & Short.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The creatives utilized bright, solid color variations and visually appealing typography to add quirkiness to an otherwise sleek product. The color variations in the cardboard allow the rose gold and gray tube to stand out more. Moreover, the compact packaging box includes all the necessary label information and usage instructions without compromising on the design aesthetic.


8. EXETTA - Third Dimension

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The Chinese creative designer, Jiaxin Wang has a knack for designs that reflect a sense of rawness and strength. His signature aesthetic perfectly translated into the product design of EXETTA. The luxurious design of this product is bold, striking, and instantly grabs your attention.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The medieval-era-inspired lid on the top has ancient Greek and Hebrew inscriptions reflecting the product's robust, masculine and agile themes. Whereas the front of the fragrance bottle has only the name etched, front and center, creating powerful imagery. This design explores the significance of contrasting themes to create a sense of balance.


9. Faculty Of

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Kseniia Chechkova is a creative artist who is immensely talented at emulating the brand's color story and themes in the packaging design process. The Faculty Of product packaging heavily relies on the classic monochrome color scheme. The black and white label design creates a stunning and graphic contrast with the pink solution in the bottle.

Guides & 19 Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The three design variants with abstract shapes reflect the brand's philosophy of "being unique" or "being you." This fragrance packaging is all about representing the young and cosmopolitan crowd.


10. WIM

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

With consumers shifting to a minimalist and purpose-driven clean lifestyle, the fragrances no more have to be marketed as the "luxury" products they once were.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The packaging design for WIM's signature fragrance line by the UK-based agency Studio NinetyOne reflects the shift in the trends.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The whole theme of this perfume packaging revolves around the comfy, rustic, and clean design philosophy. Delicate beige and soothing cream hues with reflective logo and classic typography dominate the design labels. It proves that elegant and delicate design aesthetics will always have their charm when aligned with the brand's story and philosophy.


11. Soul Seasons

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The French company A&M creative took charge of the product for the diverse and authentic cologne collection, Soul Seasons. The creative designers opted for a sublime and highly timeless silhouette for the design label and packaging. The product's strength is its fragrance and lasting formulation. Therefore, the packaging also highlights the top notes with clean typography.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The classic play on the white box exterior and bold black fonts add a certain intrigue to the fragrance. This product proves that the simplicity of a packaging design enhances the product's USP and desirability.


12. Zeste

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The Russian designer Dasha Tsaritsyna has a unique flair and softer yet punchy aesthetics that always shines in her work. And the perfume packaging and label design for Zeste is no exception to the case!

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The best way to attract an audience to a fragrance product is to hype its hero or core ingredient. In this instance, the designer effectively echoed the upbeat vibe of citrus fruit. The orange hues and subtle graphic vectors, resembling citrus slices on the label design, amp up the summery and refreshing vibe.


13. Homework - Art Perfume Series

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Perfume collectors and hobbyists are always after unique packaging and bottle shapes. The Homework's Art Perfume Series is truly a collector's piece, and its product design and packaging by Homework Creative Studio can spark intrigue.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The design agency is known for their abstract and ultra-modern designs. Whether it's the abstract and edgy marble shape fragrance bottle or the strong typography on the transparent glass bottle variant, the design process of the Art Perfume Series spells a stunning and abstract visual treat.


14. Sister's Aroma

 ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

Ukrainian designer Julia Arnhem is known for curating sustainable and recyclable fragrance packaging designs and ideas. The vintage-style product design features the formulation of top, middle and base notes with a typewriter and cursive fonts.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The old-school design aesthetic has a rustic charm, and the recyclable cardboard and paper bag packaging is also sustainability-approved. Since the whole design is highly organic, the colorful sliding flap over the box with an embossed logo and fragrance name is a fascinating detail.


15. Savoy Steam

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The Savoy Steam packaging and label design by Spanish design agency Noreste Studio will transport you back to the Victorian era. The brand is about creating unusual scents inspired by moments and situations — an ode to traditional Turkish bath rituals.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The vintage bottle design with a cork lid represents an old charm. The star of this packaging design is its comprehensive label on the bottle and box. The exterior box packaging utilizes jute fabric, reminiscent of the vintage years.


16. Gloscent

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

The UK-based designer, Harriet Lim, knows the art of creating a stunning packaging design in-sync with the brand's philosophy and framework, catering to quirky and younger male audiences. This designer doesn't shy away from a challenge.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

A recent example is her brand packaging design for Gloscent to create a gender-neutral aesthetic geared towards individuals who identify as 'Golden Boys.' 

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

To create balance, the designer softened the typical masculine color palette with lilac blue and cream hues with delicate fonts. The geometric and logo elements create depth in the design and enhance brand recognition. The artist has struck a perfect chord between the push and pull of feminine and masculine realms.


17. Poetry

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design

For the packaging and design process of Poetry Fragrances, the Korean design Artist SIWOO HA featured a stunning set of swimmer's posture-inspired artwork. The color palette remains neutral gray with the artwork etched in the center. Not just that, the compact, recyclable box packaging on the back contains all the necessary information regarding ingredients.

ParoPop's Trustable Picks of Best Perfume Packaging Design


Conclusion :

The world of perfume is a thriving market, and it continues to grow. The desire for personalized scents has not declined but grown, with people wanting more scents that reflect who they are as individuals. The luxury brands choice for fragrance packaging is important as the packaging will be the first thing a customer sees when they walk into a store and make their selection on display.

If a customer is drawn to your scent smell but is turned off by the packaging shape, they may not purchase at all. That's why it's important to consider your brand's preferences when selecting a package for your perfume.


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