Conventional Art Redirected

ParoPop is less “I think the art represents blah blah” and more “HOLY @#$%! You gotta see this!” Our art is either inspired or evidence of a gas leak in our studios, but it sure means that there is nothing like what we have to offer anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... or the world.

Why So Hungry? - Parody Parlour  
Artwork: Why So Hungry?


Wet Scream - Parody Parlour
Artwork : Wet Scream


We smash Pop Culture, humour, and art like a hipster café smashes avocado. Look at the world through a different lens… or canvas. The only thing we take seriously is creativity, the rest is edge pushing, gasp making silliness that will please your funny bone and your artistic flare.

At ParoPop, we put the “hip” into “Oh my god I laughed so hard that I fell over and broke my hip and now I need a hip replacement.”


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