9 Stunning Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Designs for Your Own Brand

9 Stunning Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Designs for Your Own Brand

Over the past few years, cosmetic companies have an increasing pressure to use sustainable cosmetic packaging for their products as they have been under a great deal of observation for the cause of pollution by the cosmetic industry. The result can benefit both customers and cosmetic packaging companies, as living in a healthier and better environment is the serious consideration people take nowadays.

Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging can greatly reduce the pollution to the land and many other complexities. To promote the importance of it, companies should consider using materials for packaging that are eco-friendly, recyclable, and renewable.

Did you know that packaging plays an essential role in brand recognition nowadays? Before defining the characteristics of sustainable cosmetic packaging, it is crucial to understand that brands and packaging are directly related to each other.

So, we should consider many factors during the selection of packaging material for our beauty and skincare products, such as:

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Usability
  • Sustainability
  • Durability

The design of the packaging should be attractive and grasp the attention of the customer quickly! Let's get the interesting topic Eco-cosmetic packaging started.


Various Conditions for Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

To reduce pollution to our environment, it is essential that packaging should lie under this umbrella. Eco-friendly packaging means using recyclable, reusable, biodegradable materials, and many more, let’s delve into it.


1. Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Should Be Reusable

As it's clear from the name that sustainable cosmetic packaging is reusable, meaning it can be used multiple times. There are many benefits of reusable packaging, such as:

  • It is typically designed for durability
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Ideally collapsible

Many categories of reusable packaging are available in the market, such as pallets, pallet collars that wrap products on a pallet, heavy containers, and boxes. They all come under the umbrella of eco-cosmetic packaging.

There are many advantages of reusable cosmetic packaging:

  • Economic benefits: As a result of repeated use, reusable packaging benefits you in packaging purchase and disposal costs. Productivity gain is another financial advantage of reusable packaging
  • Benefits to the environment: Reusable packaging also benefits you and the environment in sustainability by reducing the repeated needs to manufacture single-use packaging and reduce the
  • Social benefits: Since the packaging is designed for repeated use, people can save the cost from buying single-use packaging because reusable packaging is more durable. Companies get to save the cost of raw material, labor and energy.





2. Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Should Be Recyclable

This condition is directly related to compostable packaging that the packaging material should be recyclable. Recyclable cosmetic packaging is:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Sized for recycling

The benefits as below:

  • Recycled content needs no virgin material and used waste material to lessen the different types of wastage from the landfill
  • It saves energy and lessens the greenhouse gas emission
  • It also saves the raw materials
  • Recycling brings cost savings for the companies and end consumer


 3. Eco-Cosmetic Packaging Should Be Biodegradable

This form of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging will naturally decompose. The material disintegrates under any condition. It provides a safe environment and protects the landfill from many complexities, and there are many benefits of biodegradable cosmetic packaging.

The pros of biodegradable cosmetic packaging:

  • It consumes less energy manufacturing
  • Achieve sustainability by reducing carbon emission
  • It provides solution to the environment as an eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetic packaging

The suitable packaging material should fulfill many other conditions such as:

  • The material should be durable and high-quality
  • Tamper-evident
  • Secure
  • Environmental friendly
  • Legally compliant
  • Cost-effective



The Requirements for Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

When we talk about eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, this simply means:

  • Used material should be 100% natural
  • Smaller packaging
  • Production involves zero waste
  • Packaging that can be easily reused and recycled


Choosing The Right Material for Your Cosmetic Brand

Cosmetic packaging materials are challenging and more expensive in general. But it is the only way to save the planet and sea from pollution problems. Also, these materials are a better choice to choose. Let's delve further to the different types of eco-cosmetic packaging.


1. Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging

The material used in this packaging type is disposable and made from bamboo plants. It is one of the fastest-growing plants in Asia. The benefits of this packaging are:

  • It is renewable
  • Don't require irrigation or pesticides
  • Free from any chemicals
  • Best eco-friendly option as compared to paper and plastic
  • It gives the more durable packaging


2. Seaweed Packaging

Seaweed is a material that is biodegradable and easily dissolved in water. It is an excellent option to consider for face-mask and liquid-based cosmetic packaging. The cosmetic industry can reduce the world's waste by using sea vegetables as their ideal choice of eco-friendly packaging for their products.


3. Metal Packaging

Most metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are good options to consider in case of sustainable cosmetic packaging. One of the benefits is that it consumes less energy as compared to glass in the recycling process. This material may be less attractive for packing beauty products but there are still some well-known cosmetic brands that use such materials for to achieve sustainability.


4. Mushroom Packaging

This eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is one of the budgeted ways to pack smaller beauty products. The material used in this packaging is clean and ground agricultural waste. This waste is mixed with the roots of mushrooms known as mycelium.

The material is used to design the desired shape of the packaging. Following are the two main advantages of this material:

  • Petroleum-free
  • It degrades naturally


5. Cornstarch Packaging

The material of this sustainable cosmetic packaging is also known as PLA packaging. PLA stands for polylactic acid. However, the more use of this material may affect the world's food supply chain. This organic packaging is considered one of the best eco-friendly cosmetic packaging options.


6. Silicon

It comes from the substance silica. Silicon cannot be decomposed, but it can be reusable. One of the other advantages of the silicon package is that during the reusing stage, it emits any toxic substance. Some other benefits are mentioned below:

  • Used as a heat-resistance
  • Flexible
  • Long-lasting substitute for plastic bottles


7. Biodegradable Paperboard

Biodegradables break down quickly. It does not damage aquatic life and the environment. Most of the time, it is used for outer packaging. Nowadays, many cosmetic manufacturers use biodegradable paperboard as a primary source for sustainable cosmetic packaging.


8. Glass

Glass is produced with the following ingredients such as:

  • Sand
  • Soda ash
  • Limestone

Not all the materials mentioned above are renewable, but they are easily recyclable. Most of the liquid products contain the packaging of glass. Many glass jars are used to store creams.


9 Beautifully Designed Sustainable Cosmetic Brands

Now, let us walk you through some packaging inspirations by 10 skincare and cosmetic brands alongside their beautifully designed sustainable cosmetic packaging that we are deeply obsessed with.

We have featured the art studios that designed their packaging designs as well!


1. Fabrica


The aim of this brand is to care for your hair as a specialist. They offer different types of shampoo that pamper your damaged hair with only natural ingredients. Their project consists of branding, packaging, etc. Fabrica is the name for restoring hair and scalp, their products treat your thick and thin hair and solve all types of hair problems.


Designed by:

Fabrica is designed by Lyon & Lyon, whose working principle is based on 3 words who, what, and how. Lyon is the designated agency for unique work for special people. They work with their clients to provide them engaging brand experience with their highly customized eco-friendly cosmetic packaging.



Creativity and design is the primary purpose of Lyon & Lyon, they utilize their skills in:

  • Graphics
  • Product packaging
  • Interior design


2. Meylon




Meylon is a Swedish skincare brand that was founded in Stockholm by Roger Durpe. A skincare line that is designed with people of color in mind, they aim to solve conditions among darker skin stones while not forgetting to being suitable for the other skin types as well.





Meylon Packaging:

Meylon gives sustainable cosmetic packaging that is environmentally friendly. All the materials are recyclable, and the packaging is free from stamping. With the alignment of the design and the concept of the skincare brand, it provides proper skincare for everyone especially for the people of color as well as a role of a confidence booster.

Melyon-Sustainable-Cosmetic-Packaging Melyon-Sustainable-Cosmetic-Packaging

Founder of Meylon:

Roger Dupe founded the skincare brand known as Meylon. The designer was born in 1991 in Sweden.


3. Pauli & Sisters


Pauli & Sisters repair serum is a multi-correctional oil that is enriched with nutrients. The purpose is to repair your skin from:

  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring
  • Uneven skin tone and many more

It can be used to treat different problems of the face and lip therapy. Pauli & Sisters is one of the leading brands in the USA. It consists of the finest ingredients that solve all your skincare problems.




Packaging of Pauli & Sisters:

The materials used in the packaging are biodegradable, and the packaging itself is recyclable, which could greatly reduce the harm the landfill and the environment. Definitely no harmful or hazardous waste is emitted during their production. The material of the bottles is also a fully recyclable glass that makes it totally an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging.


Founders of Pauli & Sisters:

The founders of this brand are Paul and his sisters. During their growing age, they suffered with many skin problems. So, a long-term natural approach is required to heal their skin complexities. So, they decided to launch the serum oil to the rest of the world with a secret recipe that was created by their late grandfather, who was a South African cosmetic chemist.

Designed by:

Pauli & Sisters designed by Marina Veziko, who is a Helsinki-based designer. Her working style involves:

  • Deeply understanding the brand essence
  • Creating bold visual solutions

The designer focuses on eco-friendly cosmetic packaging with customized experiences and great visuals.


4. Favorit & Co




Favorit & Co It is one our favorite picks for sustainable cosmetic packaging. They sell uniquely designed products such as body and hair, Eau de parfum, and environmentally pleasant scents.





The minimalism of the wooden cap bottle gives you a strong zen vibe that could ease your long-day stress with a shower. Favorit & Co is a cosmetic product line from Zurich, Switzerland.


5. Namsû




Namsû is a lifestyle brand dedicated to a permissive bathing experience. This brand's ingredients are plant-derived and clean both body and mind well.




Packaging Material:

This brand uses sustainable cosmetic packaging that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Namsû takes the guarantee of their products that are packaged using a refill system. Refilling is also one of the ways to save money properly.


Designed by:

Namsû was designed by Two Times Elliott that was founded in 2010. Their strategic process involves the research that fulfills the client's needs. They are supportive and attentive brand partners. Thinking, designing, and functioning is at the top of the priority list.


6. Henua


Henua offers skincare products that are organic and use only active ingredients, it is another name for the purest skincare products.

Packaging Material:

They use reusable and recyclable eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, without polluting or harming the environment.


Founder of Henua:

Jenni Touminen founded the brand Henua. The research on organic products began when the chemicals of the product reacted with her skin. She worked with cosmetics for 15 years. With that experience, she pays attention to which ingredient is beneficial for the skin.


Designed by:

Henua's packaging is designed by Werklig, a Finnish brand agency. Branding is the passion of this agency, they build honest relationships with their clients to give them fresh solutions to their problems.


7. ROCC Naturals


ROCC Naturals is the leading oral care brand in Australia. The objective of this brand is to enjoy the whole day of people with fresh breath. This brand uses sustainable cosmetic packaging that is biodegradable.


ROCC's packaging:

ROCC's packaging is good for the earth and does not pollute the environment. All the materials are recyclable and biodegradable, which does not harm the living organism. The whole product cares for your mouth health and solves many oral complexities.


Founder of ROCC Naturals:

This brand was designed by Prue Rocchi, who loves health and fitness. Before ROCC, she spent 10 years of her life in varied marketing and public relations positions.

She was born in Melbourne. She worked for various brands related to the health, fitness, and wellness field before the ROCC Naturals brand.


Designed by:

ROCC Naturals is designed by Date of Birth, another name for new growth and creation. Date of Birth was founded by experienced brand and design specialists. They have also worked in senior management with many of Australia's largest retail groups and provide sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions to prominent beauty brands around the world.


8. Nude Stories


Nude stories is a cosmetic brand with their popular products such as body oils and scrubs. The brand was founded in 2019 by Zalina Bashirova, in Moscow.




Designed by:

Nude stories are designed by Redo Bureau. They are a Moscow-based team of designers. They meet the needs of the clients with their unique and classic approach of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. Each member in the team has its own unique work. Name of some members are mentioned below:

Their services include the following work:

  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Printing production




LULA offers skincare products that are pure, clean and conscious. You can enjoy the mindful beauty with the purposeful ingredients of LULA. They never used the harsh chemicals that irritate the skin.




Packaging Material:

Brand uses sustainable cosmetic packaging materials that are pure, and recyclable. Minimizing the environmental pollution crisis is the promise of LULA packaging materials.


Tips for Implementing Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging for Your Own Brand

Are are looking for guides and inspirations for your own cosmetic brand? If yes, you should consider many other factors beside the choice of the suitable material for being an eco-friendly cosmetic brand. We have listed down for you as below:


1. Start Your Work with Sustainable Packaging Supplier

The first step is to work with a supplier with good knowledge about sustainable cosmetic packaging materials. They know the different techniques of recycling and waste separation. So do your research and find a knowledgeable and reliable eco-friendly cosmetic packaging supplier.


2. Budget Matters a Lot

Before moving towards eco-cosmetic packaging, think about the budget. Make sure you are financially ready because many brands face difficulty due to the higher cost of the material. Definitely higher charge of the material gives you the advantage of sustainability that makes your brand different from others.


3. Reduced The Material Used in Your Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

We all know that packaging matters greatly as it represents as the first layer of your brand, especially in the beauty industry. If you want sustainable cosmetic packaging, then start to remove wasteful elements from your current packaging. You can offer attractive packaging to your customer with the addition of stamps.


4. Make Long-Term Investments in Technology and Research

Nowadays, most beauty brands are willing to invest in sustainable packaging. Now the time has reached to do research and benefit your brand with modern technology. The good news is that your brand set itself apart from the competition and stand out as one of the factors to be an ethical brand with eco-cosmetic packaging.


5. Build Team and Promote Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiatives

Think about the different ideas and work with your employees to support initiatives. For this purpose:

  • Offer recycling program
  • Post about it on various social media platforms
  • Do email marketing to encourage your customer

Promote products with the help of your staff. This awareness reduces the wasteful post-consumer packaging.


A wrap up of the advantages for being a sustainable cosmetic brand in the industry today

Everyone is familiar with the popularity of sustainable cosmetic packaging. Here are the concluded main reasons for the rising of recyclable cosmetic packaging in the cosmetic industry.


1. Eco-Cosmetic Packing Satisfies Customer Interest

Nowadays, most of the customers in this modern era are eco-conscious. They want products with eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. You can commit to sustainability with recyclable cosmetic packaging.


2. It Reduces Shipping Cost

As compared to plastic materials, eco-friendly materials are lightweight. This benefits you in terms of shipping cost.


3. Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging is Safer for Customers and Employees

It is not harmful to humans and the environment. While traditional packaging material emits by-products that are dangerous to human health.


4. Great for Awareness

It is great and much more beneficial for your brand awareness as a sustainable brand in the market today.


The Bottom Line

In this competitive world, sustainability is concerned. This is the reason that many cosmetic industries select the option of sustainable cosmetic packaging. If you are new in the cosmetic industry, then start by making an effort to reduce your carbon footprint.

Whether you are a packaging designer who is looking for inspirations, or an entrepreneur who is starting your very own cosmetic brand, we hope you find this article helpful and inspiring to you. Share your experience or your thoughts at the comment section below!


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