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Funny is the new black 😈

Parody Parlour pays tributes to your favourite superhero characters, most-talked-about celebrities & popular classical arts. 

Jahow See
The artist with a head full of 💩 has designed them to be more adorable than they should be.

P-shirt by Parody Parlour 

American Boi
Sometimes you have to take time out from being the dopest, put your social media blasts on the back burner, and tell the President that’ll you’ll call him later and just have some “me” time. Glitter bath bombs be gangsta!

Hotline Bunny - Tee
Hotline Bunny
You used to call me baby. It’s all part of “God’s Plan” that this bunny makes it to the top. Turn-offs are those who “Emotionless” and turn-on is “Passionfruit”.

Wet Scream
The first time getting naked in front of someone can be a bit embarrassing, but if they scream like that...boy, you’re on the right path… Or not.

Girl with a Facial Mask - Tee
Girl With A Facial Mask
A Nearly-Ready "Masterpice".

Natural Enemy
A suit made from iron may protect you from just about anything, but if you see a big magnet coming your way, that is your cue to run. Don’t underestimate the power of attraction.

The Magical Moment
Is this a magical and touching portrait of two people who have taken personal tragedy and turned it into a righteous team of do-gooders that are trying to keep humanity safe? Or this is another magical, touching and iconic scene from our all-time-favourite alien movie? Or…. are they just blaming each other for a super-fart? Art is interpretive. #ET

Teeth Of Steel
Sure, you could make a joke about her now having Teeth of Steel but do you want to get kicked into the sun? Moreover, let’s not overlook the true hero here, an orthodontist so committed to help straighten teeth that they would have had to use wire capable of holding up a bridge just to make that dental work. Respect.

The Mighty One
How comfortable are you in your masculinity? Are you as comfortable as 'The Mighty One' strutting around in his heart-mottled pink boxer briefs? If not, then get there! This is what real freedom looks like and feels like, and it looks and feels incredible. This is the real you: let it out!

Break The Glass
It’s a bit hard to break the internet when you got no junk in the trunk. Sure, that booty might be as flat as her personality but the glass she is happy to break is worth more than most of us make a year. #ThatsHot

Keeping Up With The Kims
It’s not easy for some people to get over both of the most-talked-about Kims on the internet. Well, you have both of them in one now.

123123 Drink
Maybe this is the reason she keeps her face hidden. Part songstress part action hero. Unlike peanut butter and chocolate sometimes two great things apart, aren’t better off together. I know this image would make the fearless street racer wants to 123 Drink to the point and swinging from the Chandelier.

Anaconda Creation
She’s a doll and still knows how to drop a killer rap. It’s true, if you’re scary, they’ll have to listen, and if you have the flow, they’ll have to keep on listening.

He is the vengeance, He is the night – He is completely broke. One too many trips to the cash pile left our high flying hero flat out. What could he have spent all his money on? Let’s just say that slick car and all its accessories won’t come cheap. We feel him too, it’s like our end of every freaking month.

Thrifty Pete
Just because he’s a superhero, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to save a buck. Our good friend finds mending his outfits a much simpler and cost-effective solution when the need arises. You know, like when his enemy is trying to kill him, and he narrowly escapes.

The Dream Suit
Being a superhero isn’t always about saving the world. Sometimes you just need to take a time out and relax. Some heroes might zoom back to a cave, a tower, or an ice-crystal fortress, while others prefer the Russian mountains and the very real chance that a super-skilled assassin might kill them with their own thumbs. 

Wait a Minute
You forgot to give me a hug! Sure he’s made of iron, but our hero needs to feel loved just like anybody else. ちょっと待って(Chottomatte) means “Wait a minute” in Japanese - and that’s all it will take to make him feel loved.

He's big, he’s green, he’s solid as a rock - which makes it pretty difficult to get vaccinated on a regular basis. The struggle of being unbreakable.


➡️ Breathable cooling cotton
Made of fine quality extra soft and breathable fabric. It’s soft, cooling and comfortable on your skin. 

➡️ Perfect quality graphic print on t-shirt
Premium silkscreen printing technique is used for the graphic print. The colours of the print are vibrant and eye-catching, the print does not wear off after many times of wash even with machine wash.

➡️ Range of size maximized
Available in 4 sizes for men & women from size S to XL, women cutting has a true to body size cutting, go one size up for a baggier fit.

💥 3-month-0-interest payment
Now we have partnered with 'Split' and offering a 3-month-0-interest payment for any purchase at any amount!

🎁 Perfect creative gift
Make unboxing real exciting. It's a perfect unique gift to impress.

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